Let’s shape Queensland’s energy future together. 

With the electricity industry undergoing a period of rapid transformation, an open dialogue is critical to enabling diversity of thought, and ultimately better, more sustainable solutions.

The conversations here on Talking Energy, our online engagement hub, are fundamental to creating real value for our customers and our businesses, across the Energy Queensland Group, and to delivering responsibly for our communities. 

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Want product or service information?

For information about the Group’s products and services please refer to our respective distribution, retail and energy services businesses’ sites.

We deliver electricity across Queensland through our ‘poles and wires’ businesses, Energex in the South East and Ergon Energy Network in regional Queensland.

Our retailer, Ergon Energy Retail sells this electricity to customers throughout regional Queensland.

These essential service activities are supported by the products and services delivered through Yurika and our other market brands.

As a Group, formed in June 2016, we energise communities from the Tweed River to Torres Strait and from Brisbane across to Birdsville.

Our engagement principles

We’re committed to ensuring:

  • we’re accessible and inclusive in engaging interested or impacted stakeholders
  • our communications are easily understood, timely and appropriate
  • open transparency in our decision-making processes and outcomes
  • our engagement is responsive and improves with feedback and measurement.

If you’d like to partner with us on an industry-level engagement topic or activity, don’t hesitate to email us.

We’re talking to all of our stakeholders

Across the Group, we’re keen to listen to our customers and our other stakeholders to better understand what really matters to them.

As a Queensland Government owned corporation, we engage with a range of government stakeholders. We also have industry regulators, including the Australian Energy Regulator and the Queensland Competition Authority.

We have 2.3 million customers connected to our networks across Queensland – from the state’s largest industrial sites to the smallest ‘one bed room’ home. Almost 740,000 of these are also customers of our retailer in regional Queensland.

Our industry partners along the supply chain include electricity generators and retailers, and our industry’s other transmission and distribution service providers.

We also work in partnership with property developers, builders, electrical contractors and solar installers/suppliers and other technology providers who service and, ultimately, connect Queensland’s homes and businesses to our network.

We also engage with the general public, elected representatives, local business/industry groups, the local councils and other community leaders across each of our 17 operational areas.

Other conversations 

You can also learn more and be part of the wider conversation here:

Energy Consumers Australia – the national voice for residential and small business energy consumers.

The Energy Charter – the industry is working together to deliver energy for a better Australia.

Energy Networks Australia – they represent and engage on behalf of Australia’s energy networks.

Australian Energy Market Commission – they make and amend the National Electricity Rules, and the National Energy Retail Rules.

Australian Energy Market Operator – engage here on the ongoing planning, development, and operation of Australian energy markets.

Australian Energy Regulator – they make decisions, set network prices, and ensure market compliance on behalf of consumers.

Queensland Competition Authority – engage here on electricity pricing regulation and access to monopoly infrastructure in Queensland.